Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Orson Scott Card Analyzes One of Mir's Fave Characters: "Who Is Snape?"

The character that most intrigues me in the Harry Potter series of fantasy novels is, bar none, Severus Snape. (And how delighted I was that Alan Rickman played/plays him in the films. Me loveses Rickman.)

Of all the questions about what's to come in the volume 7 of the Potter saga, the main one I want to know, even more than how Voldemort gets it (and he MUST get it) or how Dumbledore (or if) he shows up again after dying or if Harry's scar is the horcrux and etc, is what Severus Snape will be and do.

I'm in the camp that says he IS loyal to Dumbledore and is on the side of defeating Voldemort. I simply will be very, very unhappy if it turns out otherwise. And while I wouldn't want him to die--I want his sacrifices for the cause vindicated, she says fervently--I understand that outcome, Severus dying to defeat the Big Baddie, is not artistically without merit.

But for me, the happiest ending is Severus helping Harry bring down the malignant freak.

However, a bestselling writer who knows his characterization and plotting has crafted a terrific analysis of Severus Snape (past and present and theories of Snape-yet-to-come) in the current issue of the Intergalactic Medicine Show.

Behold: "Who is Snape?"

Enjoy, since the time for speculations is almost at an end. Soon, all will be revealed. And won't we be a bit bummed about that when the last page is read? Sigh.

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