Friday, July 27, 2007

Non-SF Reading: Feeling For Bones; To Dance In The Desert; Sushi For One

Over at Faith in Fiction blog, Dave Long (editor at Bethany House) recommended a debut novel by Bethany Pierce with the fabulous title of FEELING FOR BONES.

I read the excerpt at I'm ordering it. The writing in just that opening is terrific.

Thought I'd give you a heads up to a non-SF novel that's getting buzz, and a couple more below that interest me for 2007:

I also recommend to those who like general/litarary Christian fiction, that you pick up Kathleen Popa's TO DANCE IN THE DESERT (another novel going in my shopping cart). I have almost exclusively read SF in the last year, so when I make exceptions, you know it had something to really grab me. (And Becky Miller couldn't find a weakness in it. Or almost. She did find one minor, minor quibble. That's something! Heh.) Hit that link. Click for the chapter sample. It's gorgeous.

I'd also like to recommend the debut novel of the energetic, organized, delightful, smart, and beautiful Camy Tang. It's due out in September--and can you believe that's just over a month away? Dang. If you like Christian fiction and you enjoy Chick Lit, this is a title that may suit you quite well: SUSHI FOR ONE?

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Kathleen Popa said...

Mirtika, thank you for recommending my book, and for your kind words. I hope you think the rest of it is gorgeous. I think I'll try Feeling for Bones. It sounds like a great novel.

Camy Tang said...

Thanks muchy, Mirster!