Monday, July 09, 2007

I'm Better. Thanks for the Prayers. Some Reading Suggestions from the Sickbed

Barring an exacerbation, I'm clearly on the mend. I was able to call my siblings today and actually converse, with only scatterings of throat clearings and phlegm clearings and coughing. And I was able to think clearly enough to catch up with some of my blogging pals and blog myself. And to do some discussion via email on a new project related to Christian and Christian-friendly SF (which I'll announce as soon as the head honchos have everything set up for that.)

It's nice to take a full breath (even if it's still not all clear in the pipes). And I lost four pounds. (Hard to eat when you're gasping. Tend to choke.)

What has it been? A couple weeks already. Well, I did a lot of reading, cause, basically, I was reclining on the couch nearly the whole day for all those days, sucking on albuterol and steroids in nebulized form. Got through all the Dresden Files novels in print. And I have one thing to say: READ THEM. Oh, man. They were so good they distracted me from my misery very well. Lots of interesting Christian-related stuff in there, including a terrific subplot with a demon entity.

Also read HOWL'S MOVING CASTLE, cause I adored the flick. I actually preferred the characterization of Sophie and Howl in the novel, and the fairy tale references to birth order and its effects. Diana Wynne Jones keeps a perfect light voice throughout. But I preferred how Miyazaki added the "compassion for enemies" and "Howl as Beast aspects." I heartily recommend both animated film and novel.

I also ordered and read the last few bound volumes available for FABLES. Excellent stuff. My boy Bigby Wolf and Snow White made me cry. Sniff. I won't say why, cause it would ruin a plot twist, but, sniff! (Bigby is my totally number one fave FABLES character.) Boy Blue surprised me, and I love to be surprised. Terrifically imaginative twists on characterization here and there. I've only got the special bound one on Jack's adventures left to read. If you love retold fairy tales or urban fantasy, you really need to get your hands on the FABLES comics. (I prefer to wait for the bound editions, myself). Some gorgeous art, too. Not shappy at all.

Okay. Now that I have to wait a year for Jim Butcher to thrill me yet again with the continuing character expansion and surprises in the Dresden Files--and oh, why didn't the Sci Fi channel put money into great mini-series or feature flicks of the novels, starting with GRAVE PERIL, so that I wasn't subjected to the crap one hour versions?--who's got a recommendation for a kicking urban fantasy series or a fairy tale land series. I like both genres a lot. (Don't suggest sword and sorcery, please.)

And, since my brain is back to working, all oxygenated and everything, it's time to get back to work.

Sees ya.


Josh said...

Wow. You got through all the rest already? Last time I knew, you were only on number three. At least you're all caught up for the next one. Aren't they addictive? It's been theorized he laces the pages with a cocaine extract.

Mirtika said...

Nah, they actually PRINT the text on pounded rectangles of crack. ; )


Martin LaBar said...

Glad you are better!