Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Hard Work of Changing Point of View

Okay, after writing six chapters in third person, I came to the reluctant (at first) conclusion thatI needed to switch to first person. (I had trepidation, since I'd gotten some really righteously encouraging feedback from folks with the 3rd.)

I thought it would be a snap, given that I wrote it in a very deep third person,which isn't all that much different from first in the actual flow.

Oh, silly me. How naive.

It took me two hours just to switch FOURTEEN PAGES.

On the plus side, I like it much better. I really do. And I learned something new about my character because I used that 1st voice, and that revelation let me add a few new pages of conflict-riddled scene-ing to the front end.

On the negative side, I did have to chop out two short chapters. Ouch. Bye-bye. (Even knowing it's gotta go, it hurts. I mean, that was HOURS of days worth of work I had to ditch.)

So, anybody else on for the 70 Days of (Fictional) Sweat?



Katie Hart - Writer and Avon Representative said...

I signed up. With the extra days for the conference, I'll start tomorrow.

And if I begin screaming insanely anytime over the next two and a half months, I'm blaming you. ;)

Mirtika said...

I bet you scream with lovely tone and modulation. :D

Hey, glad to have you on board. By conference, you mean ACFW? RWA? What?


Katie Hart - Writer and Avon Representative said...

On the site for this whole 70 days of sweat, they mention that July 8th to Sept 20th is 75 days, giving writers an extra 5 days in case they're at the RWA conference. Since I didn't go, I'm starting on the 13th for the standard 70 days.

Josh said...

I can feel your pain, Mir. I'm glad though that it looks to have strengthened the story. Are you alternating at all between a 1st person character and a 3rd person at any point, or just going 1st person all the way?