Saturday, July 14, 2007

Get Ready! MINDFLIGHTS, A Magazine of the Speculative, is Nearing Take-Off

Here's the official announcement:

Two of Double-Edged Publishing's award-winning magazines are teaming up! Dragons, Knights, & Angels and The Sword Review are becoming one. MindFlights will combine all that is great about DKA and SR into one high-quality magazine.

We plan to launch in January 2008. Get ready. Soon, we'll be open for submissions.

Come by the new
MindFlights website. We're certain you're going to love it. While things are still in flux, we've made sure to make it an eye-pleasing experience. Click main contents and--voila!---find links to current features at SR and DKA, as well as to news and columns from all the DEP publications. After you've had a look around, let us know what you think in the forums. We want your opinions as we work to make the site a great place for you.

Big plans are in place to grow
MindFlights into a magazine that is second to none. We can't spill all our ideas yet, but we believe the future will be thrilling for both the readers and the contributors. Come! Join us on this new journey.

We're still scoping out images and working on design, so consider this transitional, interim, whatever.

Want to support Christian-friendly and Christian SF? Scroll down to the "Make a donation" button over at the new site. We are happy to accept whatever financial support you care to offer. More to the point, we NEED your support. Without it, well, MindFlights can't soar.



chrisd said...

Oh, wow! That's terrific! Congratulations to the editors and everyone involved!

Josh said...

Looks very cool. So will those people who had stories submitted to one publication or the other simply be published through the new combination? Or is a resubmission required?

Mirtika said...

We plan to close submissions to DKA and SR as soon as the 2007 schedule is full. (SR is full for ficiton already.) Then, all submissions must go to MindFlights. Although, I'm sure an editor can suggest a current story for the new mag if we feel it fits the vision.