Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Found My Torreo Coffee Groove

Back in March, I posted on my sampling of some Torreo coffees.

After trying a lot of different single origin and blend type coffees from Torreo Coffee, I found the ones I liked best, ones I have been reordering, and they're not even the super-expensive, rare lot ones. This is good for the Mir budget, as I like my daily dose of java with breakfast almost as much as I like smooching my handsome husband. Well, okay, maybe not ALMOST, but it is one of the fine pleasures of life. Fresh ground coffee brewed to my preferred strength (medium). Ahhhh. :)

The blends I enjoyed most were:

~Yemen Mocha-Java
~Mountain Blend

The aroma of the Mocha-Java is exceptional. I like to stand right over the grinder and just get a whiff of it. Man, beeeyoootiful.

(The Franklin blend tasted too dark to me and the Breakfast Blend didn't feel interesting in my mouth. The House blend was okay, but whatever in my mouth goes for certain flavors, it liked the above two best.)

Of the single origin coffees:

~Yemen Mattari (fabulous--a gorgeous balance and a nice rich smell and flavor. Love it).
~Kenya AA (a far second place to the above, that's how much I enjoyed the Mattari)

Clearly, my taste buds dig what's happening in Yemen much more than Latin America (or Africa).

I tasted: Costa Rica Tarrazu, Guatemala Rio Azul, Colombia Huila. I even preferred the Yemeni coffes to the pricey Cup of Excellence ones I tried: Nicaragua El Progreso, and the highly-rated Colombia Hato Viejo. Hey, to each his own, right? I'm nowhere near a coffee connoisseur. I just like what I like.

Oh, and their espresso blend (not the dark one) is lovely. I grew up drinking espresso (as Cuban kids are wont to do from the time they can sit at the table, sharing a waterier version of the full-strength stuff that adults get), and I really enjoyed Torreo's offering.

So, there, my coffee update.

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