Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Finally, an upbeat article on Christian Fantasy

Hat tip to Becky Miller for the link to this:

"Move Over, Harry, Christian Fantasy is back."

It has both the negative and the positive, and those of us hungry to hear the positive can just lap it up. The article quotes authors and editors, and it mentions our intrepid Fantasy 4 Fiction Tour-goers.

And, some tips to upcoming releases:

In September, WaterBrook plans to release "Auralia's Colors," first in Jeffrey Overstreet's "The Auralia Thread" series, and next March will publish Christian singer-songwriter Andrew Peterson's "Lost Jewels of the Island King."

Davis, the "Oracles of Fire" author, believes the proliferation of writers working on Christian fantasy serves as a barometer of the supply of readers hungry for it. The power of the fantasy genre, he said, is its ability to create situations for heroism.

"Fantasy opens up the kind of vision," he said, "to be able to see beyond where we are."

(Note: I'm assuming all those titles above are novels and the use of quotation marks are a stylistic booboo.)


Becky said...

Thanks for the link, Mir. I actually found the article via Wayne Batson's blog.

And the quotation marks for book titles? I discovered that is actually the AP stylebook way. Seems SOOOO wrong. LOL


Elliot said...

Have you seen the first chapter of Auralia? It's available online somewhere.

I can only say, after reading the first page, that I was NOT impressed by the prose. But that's just my opinion.

Valerie Comer said...

Good to see you up and about! WB to the Land of the Blogger, which beats Land of the Booger any day.