Monday, July 23, 2007

EVERYONE BLOG: FREE The Adventures of Apocalypse Al by J.M. Straczynski!

I'm adding Mirathon to the voice of SF solidarity to release the radio drama whose title is in my post header--mainly cause Babylon 5 was fricken BRILLIANT and WONDERFUL and I love JMS for working so hard to put it on the air for us to enjoy ever thereafter. Blog for the release of the program to Canadian radio (Snarky and Elliot, you listening?) information:

FREE The Adventures of Apocalypse Al
We just don't think its right that completed and fully produced program not be aired. This is J. Michael Straczynski! His storytelling ability has been proven, the guy knows and loves radio drama. Let's get this show on the air, podcast, or at the very least released on CD. I, of coure, would love to have it podcast so we can all enjoy it.

I hope the decision is to release a podcast. I know I want to hear it, and I'm not in Canada.

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Jesse said...

Thanks so much! Let's get this project launched! :)