Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy Blog Tour: FEARLESS by Robin Parrish

In the tradition of enjoying the last (or one of the last words) on the tour (so we can keep the links stretched out to the last few hours for Technorati ranking purposes), I hereby present my second post on the tour for author Robin "Infuze me!" Parrish.

Robin's a good sport. We can get mouthy on these tours. Remember the hoopla last time. Oh, yeah. But it got the adrenaline going, and that's not bad. It burns calories. It wakes you up.

This time, Becky caused some commenting to erupt on her blog (and for all I know in her email box) over her mixed review of FEARLESS, the second novel in the Dominion trilogy. (The first was RELENTLESS.)

I know Becky. She is about as un-meanie as you can get online without suffering from a lack of personality or sentience. She's much more tactful than, say, D.G.D or I. (All right, so I'm not at all tactful, thanks for REMINDING ME.)

I did want to clarify, in case anyone got me wrong, that if I say a novel seems to have a comics sense of pacing and action, that is NOT--I repeat NOT!--a putdown. I happen to love comics. I may no longer have (rotted in the garage) our collection of Marvel comics, and I've misplaced my box of 70's Doctor Strange goodies; but I'm amassing a shelf of more recent and very entertaining (and often hugely throught-provoking) comics and graphic novels by the likes of Warren Ellis, Alan Moore, J.M. Straczynski, Joss "Demi-God of Storytelling" Whedon, Neil Gaiman, Doug TenNapel, and Bill Willingham, to name some. (I forget who does the Walking Dead.) I even had a hard copy of Frank Miller's 300 before Gerard Butler put on a loincloth. And somewhere I have my original collection of Ellison's DREAM CORRIDOR series. And some Milk and Cheese for good measure.

So, if you can entertain me like those guys in novel form or on TV or in a flick, you're doing really well! When I link Robin to that sort of literary format, it's a compliment.

It's also interesting how the gender gap has been evident in the whole THE RESTORER versus FEARLESS discussion. (Me, I won't say versus. I was swept away by Hinck's tale and I'm thinking Robin's will take me away, too, as soon as I can sit down for a couple of hours and actually FINISH IT! Things are hectic here.)

Here's what it comes down to. The novels have a lot of cool reviews. Many of our SF loving Christian pals are enjoying it. For example:

From Live Like A King Blog:
Fearless kept me on the end of the seat. Maybe is should have been called Breathless because that’s how I felt at the end of the story. Even though I did not read the first book in the trilogy (which I will endeavor to do asap!), I was able to follow the story.

Daniel Weaver says:
Robin writes well and weaves a captivating tale.

Novelist Eric Wilson, in an amazon review, states this:
Parrish is a skilled writer, using strong verbs and prose to convey his tale. Although some of the relational aspects seemed to need more depth, he unfolds the story with great mastery and presents more than one surprise, while unveiling a uniquely spiritual premise. At its core, the story is one an identity crisis: Who am I? Deep down, in my soul, who am I really? And what is my purpose?

This is one of the better amalgams I've seen of suspense and fantasy.

My suggestion: Try them. You might like them. At the very least, try the first.

And if you read it and loved it, drop by Robin's blog and tell him so.

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Heather said...

That's a long list of supporting bloggers!
By the way, I did a post the other day on fantasy stuff. You see, I'm jealous. I wish I could write fantasy, but I'm not cool enough.

Mirtika said...

YOu are so cool it's silly. And you look like a elfin princess--yeah, I did see that photo of you you linked to a while back-- so that makes you a fantasy chick in my book.

And, should I publish my fantasy, you will, of course, now buy 2 dozen copies. Heh.