Friday, June 01, 2007

2nd Annual DKA Fiction Contest: Winners

I am tickled all shades of pink to announce the winners of DKA's second annual fiction contest. Some of the names will be familiar to those who read the list of this year's Genesis finalists or who visit the blogs on the CSFF Blog Tours or frequent the Lost Genre Guild's blog or who are regular readers of DKA:

Our two honorable mentions this year are as follows:

“Speaking In Arms: A Beast Fable” by C. M. Huard
A fable about deep and even deeper sea creatures that is a sort of Good Samaritan retelling, where the darkness is not void of light.


“The Diary” by John Kuhn
A story of a magical diary that lets a little girl make her desires come true, and of the father who is drawn into the frightening game of “make a wish.”

Second Prize goes to “Immortal” by Daniel I Weaver
A story about a deathless love and the price one man will pay for immortality.

And the First Prize this year goes to....

“Moonshot” by Chris Mikesell
A minister of a technology-averse sect of Christianity wins a trip to a high-tech, Las Vegas style resort on the moon. Brimming with keen characterization and a distinctive authorial voice, this story has a Joycean epiphany that adds resonance to its finale.

I send my appreciation to all who entered, and by doing so supported the work of DKA. Congrats to my buddies who won/placed, and to C.M., who is unfamiliar to me, but, perhaps, not for long.

If you want to read other works by the winners, please check out the following:

Chris' "The Devil You Say," a satirical humor piece at the Wittenburg Door, where you'll also find "Children Find Jesus on White House Lawn." ( I'm a subscriber to WD, and I recommend it to you if you like satire, parody, and just plain funny stuff from and aimed at Christians.) If you missed his winning story last year, hurry to read "The Fortunate Purgatory of Arthur MacArthur," still one of my fave story titles of all time. His poem, "Transport," made it to third place in our first poetry contest at DKA. You can also read his story "Jack of All Non Sequiturs " at Flashes of Speculation.

Daniel has stories in LIGHT AT THE EDGE OF DARKNESS. Click the link and get your copy.

John Kuhn is a familiar name at DKA. He won our poetry contest last year with "Statuary." he had a terrific poem in our last issue, one that he subbed to the contest, but it did not place. However, we liked it quite a lot and bought it: "Traders." His stories at DKA include "Sally and her Grandfathers" and "Vehement the Merciful." Check for his work at The Sword Review as well.

I don't have any data on other works by C. M. Huard, but I'd be happy to link up. C.M., if you drop by here, give us some urls for your other fictional efforts.



Josh said...

Congratulations to all!

Chris said...

Thanks, Mir. Congrats to C.M. (nice initials), John and Daniel.

chrisd said...

Congratulations to all! I've visited everyone else so I'd like to say a special congrats to CM.

Anonymous said...

thanks to Mir, Chris, and Chrisd!

Most of what I've written has been targetted to secular markets, doesn't really fit with the CBA approach (although I respect the CBA's ability to serve its readers' needs and values). I've got Mir's email addy, and may slip her a note about my writing credits in general, once I come up with something coherent to say :)