Sunday, June 03, 2007

When I first laid eyes upon my true love...

Yep. Twenty-five years ago today, at around 7:15 pm, I first saw my beloved.

I noticed his ears first. And his height. After that, after I got a chance to see the smile and the way he looked at me, after he blushingly walked me and my best pal to her car(it was at a movie premiere), it was pretty much a done deal. The stars invaded my eyes. The world shifted.

The Mir had begun to fall.

Fortunately, The Mir's beloved had fallen, too.

So, really, you never know where you'll first see your true love. Could be in line at a movie theater. And he--or she--might have interesting ears.

We're off to celebrate now. Later...


Camy Tang said...

Happy anniversary!

Josh said...

Happy post-anniversary. I admire those relationships that have survived and are still full of love.