Monday, June 25, 2007

Wee Prayer Request ::Wheeze:::

Summer is hard on the Mir's respiratory system.

Normally, I don't get really bad until August. (I dunno what blooms in August that gets to me, considering it's wet and hot and like something out of Aldiss' HOTHOUSE here in deep summer, meaning EVERYTHING IN SIGHT is spewing something or growing mold or mildew or, hey, mushrooms.) This year, the wheezing is getting an early start.

I sound like one of those pervs making nasty calls. Yeesh.

I'm pretty much as medicated as I can get--inhaled steroids, antihistamine, Singulair, Serevent, albuterol puffer--barring steroid injections or prednisone pills (which I spent years taking and they are hellish on my system, so I avoid them unless death by asphyxiation is closing in as a possibility).

So, um, prayers for my respiratory system to chill out would be appreciated.


Josh said...

So that was you on the phone last night!

Martin LaBar said...

Lord, this is not a surprise to you. You can heal Mir, or help her to cope. Do whatever is best for her, and for your Kingdom. Amen.