Thursday, June 07, 2007

Vampire Bunny: BUNNICULA

Okay, I like to browse books, this is no secret. And sometimes, I browse a lot and a long time.

I've occasionally come across some really strange, strange things. Some obscene things. Some clearly insane things.

This one is just, well, weird, but not necessarily demented. Not that I've read it or anything:

Bunnicula: A Rabit-Tale of Mystery

It's sales rank is very nice at amazon. Here's the blurb posted there:

This immensely popular children's story is told from the point of view of a dog named Harold. It all starts when Harold's human family, the Monroes, goes to see the movie Dracula, and young Toby accidentally sits on a baby rabbit wrapped in a bundle on his seat. How could the family help but take the rabbit home and name it Bunnicula? Chester, the literate, sensitive, and keenly observant family cat, soon decides there is something weird about this rabbit. Pointy fangs, the appearance of a cape, black-and-white coloring, nocturnal habits … it sure seemed like he was a vampire bunny. When the family finds a white tomato in the kitchen, sucked dry and colorless, well … Chester becomes distraught and fears for the safety of the family. "Today, vegetables. Tomorrow … the world!" he warns Harold. But when Chester tries to make his fears known to the Monroes, he is completely misunderstood, and the results are truly hilarious. Is Bunnicula really a vampire bunny? We can't say. But any child who has ever let his or her imagination run a little wild will love Deborah and James Howe's funny, fast-paced "rabbit-tale of mystery."

The tomato sucked white is hilarious.

And apparently, Bunnicula may be implicated in the parsnip's pallor. Or so speculates the Pasta Queen.


Josh said...

Weird. I remember seeing this when I was in middle school. Surprised to see it's still so popular. This will be the kind of bedtime story I plan to read my kids. Right after I teach them how to use a baseball bat to hunt down their closet monster.

Matt Mikalatos said...

Ahhhh, Bunnicula. These books are great. I read them all when I was a kid.