Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Two Ways To Get on an Editor's Poop List

If you know me (or read this blog with regularity), you know that there are a couple of spec fic magazines where I hope my fiction will featured one day. (That's in the five years or less plan.)

One of them is Realms of Fantasy, a magazine which I buy regularly at my local B&N or Borders. (I don't subscribe cause my mailman has lousy technique and my tiny mailbox combined with said brutal mail delivery modus operandi would leave me with a scrunched up and torn blob of once lovely, glossy pages, and that would cause me much dismay.)

So, if you've got "sub to pro-level SF magazines" in your list of writing goals, here's a little blog entry that you can add to your collection of Things That Tick Off Editors Big Time and Can Ruin Your Chances Cause You'll Have Burned a Bridge to Little Fleck of Useless Ash:

Best Editorial Tale

The post also solicits tales from other editors. I'm sure horror stories abound.

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Anonymous said...

I piss editors off all the time, so I feel qualified to comment.

Editors can be pricks too. Although in my limited experience it's the little spam-zine blog-zine ones that're the worst. The bigger publications tend to be more professional.

This line confused me from the entry here:

I definitely sent out the rejection. But the author failed to supply an SASE for my response, or even an email address. So I didn't respond.

WTF? He definitely sent the rejection, but he didn't respond? Uh... why would he even read a submission for which there was no way of replying?