Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Retro Swimwear: Back to Modesty

Ladies, if you're tired of only being given hootchie mama options for beachwear, well, here ya go:

Retro Swimwear

The one-piece halter and retro halter are pretty interesting. I can imagine a classic cinema beauty in those styles. Definitely need some cooler prints, though. And they need more specific sizing, and maybe a wider selection of sizing. But, hey, it's one option for those who prefer to keep their butts and breasts modestly out of sight.

After seeing those styles, I went googling...and...

More Modest Swimwear! These gave me an Asian vibe (or maybe an 80's groove) with the snug knee-length pants (like capris) and the overdress. Cuter than my description. Seems more like feminine active-wear (it carries through canoeing and such right into diving in). So, hey, one way to go if you need to cover up for religious or other reasons.

Here's another modest option for the beach (for gals and guys): Swim Modest This one comes in a lot of really fun Hawaiian prints--love Oahu and Surfer Girl--and the sarong style is cute.

And there's also this: Ohana Swimwear These are definitely for swimming, not sunning. Modest, but with a surfer-cool vibe.

Well, if even those above aren't modest enough for you, and you're more concerned with covering-up fully than looking sharp, you can tap into your inner Amish gal at this place:


Hat tip to Reformed Chicks Babbling


Josh said...

I don't see any of those full-body, striped suits for men...I'm disappointed.

Rebecca said...

I saw that nearly frightening one at RCB too, but those others! Dang, if I had a suit like that, I might actually swim! Except I sink in water (always - bone density? Lack of coordination? Who knows).

I am so getting me one of those Ohanas. This girl hates sunning anyway.

Mirtika said...

I haven't been swimming at the beach since...since...before I dated my husband. He's fair-skinned and Northern European of ancestry, with green eyes. So, Miami is really not the best place for him, huh? At least he's not too crinkled for 46. The man hates sand and he won't go beaching, except for concerts. :)