Sunday, June 24, 2007

How Come They Need My Date of Birth?

I was ordering my copy of COACH'S MIDNIGHT DINER, which has stories by my pals Suz Robertson and Chris "I win DKA Fiction Contests" Mikesell, who also won the Jesus v. Cthulhu challenge at CMD, and Mikey "DeComposer" Duran; and which has a story with the amazingly hooking title of "The Gift of the Magi if the Magi Had Been Big Idiots," and how faboo is that?

I ended up postponing my order.


Well, aside from the very small irritation at having to click "Ms", when I am most definitely and happily a "Mrs.", they ask for my date of birth. Okay, not that it's any secret. I've said I'm 47 quite a lot on this blog. It's that I don't like giving any personal info on a form if I don't have to. After getting my purse stolen, I became insanely cautious about identity theft. Then I had someone use my credit card number for unauthorized purchases, the very week after I placed two telephone clothing orders. (I'm guessing one of those folks decided to go shopping.)

And, frankly, why do they need it to bill me? I order stuff from online vendors every week or two, just about, and they don't ask my date of birth. Phone number, yeah, sometimes, but not dob.

(Note: I also hate giving out my phone number, because I don't want anyone to call me who isn't my best pal, my critique partner, my spiritual advisor, or related to me by blood or marriage. Or a representative of an accentric millionaire telling me I'm being left a large fortune in liquid funds. Or an agent begging to represent me. Or an editor begging to throw a juicy advance check at me. Yes, I really hate solicitations, charitable or political or otherwise. And no, I don't want to answer that survey about tires. My phone messages tend to sit there for a week before I pick them up. I did mention that I'm a urban hermit, no?)

So, I guess I'm cranky today. This non-Ms just didn't feel like finishing the order. I'm going to be an annoyed twit for at least 24 hours.

Or until someone tells me why they need my dob to process an order for an anthology. Is this some "demographic survey" sort of thing?

(Actually, I was gonna order two and give one away. I might still. Depends on how ornery I feel Tuesday or Wednesday.)

(Yes, I will order it. I must, must, must read that Mikesell Jesus vs. Cthulhu tale and the Big Idiot Magis one, too, because I love weirdness and I love to laugh. I really, really do. Though maybe you can't tell that by my whining today.)

I better check the calendar. I'm really feeling prickly. Plus I'm overusing parentheses. That's gotta be a symptom along with bloating and carb cravings.

BTW, order your copy. I'm sure you're much more tranquil than I am today. And order now, cause it's a bit cheaper at pre-order prices.



Eve said...

You're too funny, Mir!

Suzan Robertson said...

When someone asks for my dob or phone # and I don't want to give it, I just put in random numbers.

Mike Duran said...

I was born 13 / 32 / 2017, Mir, but it was way before Big Brother started requesting DOB's.