Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Condensed and Criticized

Lawdy, this was funny, posted over at Asking the Wrong Questions. And it was sad, cause, hey, so true. Read the condensations of books one and two first, but here's three, which had me wheezing even worse:

Book III

Pullman: God, religion, and any person of faith are Evil.

Readers: Why?

Pullman: Sheesh, are you deaf? They kill babies!

Readers: Hang on, the leader of the fight against God also killed a baby. Why isn't he evil?

Pullman: No he didn't.

Readers: Yes he did, it's right here in the first book.

Pullman: Shut up! Look at Will and Lyra having sex!

Readers: Urg. Isn't Lyra ten?

Pullman: She's twelve now.

Readers: Well, that makes it all better, then.

Lyra: Even though I've never shown any interest in religion or the struggle against God, and I've never really been taught anything about the subject, I will now give a long stirring speech about establishing the Republic of Heaven, just in case there are still readers who aren't brainwa... I mean convinced. (Book ends.)

Pullman: Remember, God is Evil.

You might also enjoy the fabulous John C. Wright's post on why naming The Golden Compass the best children's book in 70 years is a crock, plus other suggestions.

And Peter Hitchens writes on the worship of Philip Pullman,who he dubs as the most dangerous author in Britain.

Interesting how so many non-believers criticize Christian fiction as preachy. But Pullman, as preachy as you can get, particularly in book three, it seems, gets lauded. The truth is that as long as you preach the message with good prose and in the current mode, the spirit (as it were) of the age, it's fine to preach. Always has been. And the message of hatred of the God and His church, well, that's an ancient style that's hotter than ever. Pullman is the new pied piper, and where he wants to leads his children readers is not to purity and goodness, it's to rebellion and degradation. Dark materials, indeed.

Hat tip Sci Fi Catholic

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Rebecca said...

ok, I'm wheezing now, too. How horribly true!