Friday, June 22, 2007

Get SciFiction While You Can

You may have heard that Scifi.Com has axed, and no, I don't mean the way they axed it more than a year ago. I'm talking about they're not even going to keep the stories archived there.

Excuse me, but how thoughtless and miserly is that?

(Okay, maybe there's some authorial rights issue involved that I don't know about. Still, as a reader, I'm not happy.)

I thought SciFiction was a great service to the SF community. At a time when other ventures in the speculative--movies, films, video games, role playing games, etc--it was nice that they didn't neglect the short fiction form.

When Datlow took her bow, it was comforting that the stories were still there, for us to read at our leisure. And maybe reread.

But now, even that's going bye-bye. And I don't get it. It's so relatively inexpensive for them to just keep those up there. Honestly, given how much other content they have, how much of a budgetary dent could it be to keep a few dozen stories available to readers of SF?

I'm super unhappy at SciFi.Com.

So, go here and read them/save them while you can.

Some of what's there:

Malthusian's Zombieby Jeffrey Ford

2001 Nebula Award-winning StoryThe Cure for Everythingby Severna Park

Dune: Nighttime Shadows on Open Sandby Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson

Nebula Award-winning StoryGoddessesby Linda Nagata

The Book of Marthaby Octavia E. Butler

Jailwiseby Lucius Shepard

Daughter of the Monkey Godby M.K. Hobson

Caught in the Organ Draftby Robert Silverberg

2004 World Fantasy Award-nominated StoryAncestor Moneyby Maureen F. McHugh

Calypso In Berlinby Elizabeth Hand

Painwiseby James Tiptree, Jr.

Star Light, Star Brightby Alfred Bester


Elliot said...

Aw man!! That was a cool site!

Martin LaBar said...

Thanks for the tip.