Friday, June 22, 2007

Editorial Quote: What This Writer
Really Needed To Hear Today

I had emailed a pal of mine yesterday about my frustration at the moment. It's like, one day, I think I've got something pretty darn good and I'm disgustingly pleased with myself. Then the next day, I think I'm a talentless hack and what in heaven's name am I doing attempting to tell a story?

Well, I caught up with my feed of Monstrous Musings, and while the following was posted last week, I needed to hear it TODAY, so, see, sometimes getting behind in blog reading serves a purpose.

This editor/writer calls this post "The Great Rule of Novel Writing." I call it a nice cup of tea with lemon creme cookies--a much needed refreshment:

Quite simply, when you're writing your novel, remind yourself that it's never as good as or as bad as you think it is. Writing your novel can prove to be a rather bipolar experience. One day you think you're brilliant and the next day you may think your writing is fit for nothing but the delete button. But keeping this rule in mind can help you find a precious middle ground, and in turn help you avoid the worst of these extremes. Both can be harmful in their own way, even if there are moments when both may end up being true. This rule helps me more when I think something is terrible, but I think it's always something worth keeping in mind for as big an undertaking as a novel (especially the epic ones!)

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Eve said...

Hmm...I am a bipolar writer to the tee (or is that tea?)!