Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Breathing Blues, Smooching Suggestions, & A Birthday Note To My Beautiful Babboo

Feels like someone is stepping on my upper chest and lower throat. There's probably a poem or story in this somewhere. Dark fantasy, most like, or horror.


Anyway, today is the hubby's birthday. We are now BOTH 47.

It's amazing to me that I met that gorgeous man when was a fresh-faed 22, one who got repeatedly carded on our dates and on our honeymoon, even though he never drinks alcohol, EVER, and I was the one ordering wine now and then. Do you know how annoying it is to have your date carded, but not YOU? heh.

Time doesn't fly. It rockets. Before you know it, you've zipped past Jupiter and your hair is turning gray.

And you're suddenly a candidate for regular colonoscopies. (Ack!)

So, enjoy today. Enjoy it a lot. Throw God a kiss, and then hug your nearest loved ones and smooch them, too. Heck, smooch EVERYBODY! (no slobbering)

It'll be tomorrow before you blink.

Happy Birthday, Snookybabe. You really do get better and better, and you still make me laugh more than anyone on the planet.

...from your wheezy snugglebunny.


Clemens said...

I'm a bit older than you. Me and my snugglebunny had to have his and her colonoscopies just last month.

But all things considered, being 58 is better than the alternative.

Anonymous said...

I had a colonoscopy a few years ago on Valentine's day. Most fun I've had this decade. Make sure you go w/ the demerol & lorazipam: sug. 30/3 for the ride. Like flying up your own ass...


The fasting and phospho-soda sucks. Actually, avoid the phospho if you can. It kills kidneys.