Tuesday, May 22, 2007

What I'm Reading Now &
What I Pre-Ordered From Amazon

I am immersed in Sharon Hinck's THE RESTORER. Oh. My. Goodness. I am so looooving this fantasy novel !

I'm half-done, but I have a stressful day tomorrow (Can you say mammogram? Nothing like squishing my D-cup bosoms into pancakes to ruin the Mir's day). I have to go to bed. Bummer. I wanna stay up and finish. I just got to a major plot twist. Ooooooeeeeeee.

If you haven't gotten your copy yet, I think you had better. Sharon keeps the pace up. You rule, SH! This is one the female audience of the CBA can get behind. This adventure deserves to top the CBA bestseller list--and I say this only half-done with it. What does that tell you? (Well, if the second half holds up, I'll be posting a glowing review.)

I really only have two quibbles at this point:

1. I wish she hadn't used the term "soccer mom." That is so nineties. And overused. Yep, cliche even. I really, really hate that term. But this may simply be due to the period when this was written and trying to nail a demographic for the audience. I can understand that.

2. What's with the regular Earth names in an alternate world? I started wondering if it wasn't alternate but in her mind, cause the names felt so very much like a white housewife's daydream, not some actual foreign place. Reminds me of a kvetch of a romance reader on her blog recently, one that voiced a peeve with the overuse of Celtic names in romances, as if, hey, what, only Northern European dudes were hot or something. I started getting that feeling here, not the wholly Celtic thing, but the "oh, we're still in Euro-White homogeneous land"--Tristan, Kieran, Mark, Payton, Cameron, Dustin, Aubrey, Wade, Nolan. It was a relief to come across at least a rarer "Lukyan". I know. I know. I'm overanalyzing. But when you have a nation that's--what?--40% minority (ie, not descendants of Brits or Celts or Germans or other white Northern-Euro types), I start wondering when I'll see more people like me in Christian fiction books NOT written by blacks and Latinos and tagged "multicultural". Just, you know, naturally occuring non-whites hanging cooly with whites. How hard would it be to add a Conchita or a Mako or a Li Po or an Amitab or an Udako? Or, shoot, just go Southern Euro a bit: Lorenzo, Taki, Jacinta. Or some of those hard to spell Eastern Euro names. Maybe some cool Native peoples names--aboriginal Australian, American Indian, Mayan, etc.

I'm ranting, aren't I? Sorry. Sorry.

As I was saying: COOL STORY SO FAR...!!

What I pre-ordered: Tosca Lee's DEMON: A Memoir. (Speaking of uber-cool names! It's downright opera meets TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRDie.) I liked the info over at Tosca's webpage. I liked the sample of her prose at Where The Map Ends. I think this is a winner! It's like INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE done with a demon. Cool. This one may be a huge CBA seller. Oh, yeah. It doesn't hurt that Tosca is very smart, well-educated, and gorgeous. Don't underestimate the promotional value of good looks and educational "cred". She's the featured interviewee at Jeff Gerke's site, so go and read.


pixy said...

Oh, goodie, I wanna read, I wanna read! I still haven't gotten out to go get Sharon's book. Friday for sure--it's payday. :D

Jefferson Scott said...

Great promotion for two NavPress novels, Mir, and for WhereTheMapEnds. Thank you!


Mirtika said...

Hey, Jeff, did you have a third name you go by. I notice in the PW article they called you "Jefferson STOUT". Now, how ironic, given you're a long and lean sort of dude. :D


Tosca said...

Thank you, Mir, for ordering Demon. I hope you enjoy!