Sunday, May 20, 2007

Tortured Heroes and Sexy Sell At Borders

From agent Kristin Nelson's blog, passing on info she gathered from a Borders' Romance buyer, Sue Grimshaw:

Some interesting romance-specific factoids:

1. Sexy covers continue to sell well
(so take that shirt off…but only if you are a guy)

2. Paranormal is still selling well. Readers like tortured heroes. Vampires are in abundance so think outside the box.

3. Sales for historicals are still flat.
(So if you are a fan and want this to reignite, go out and buy more books. Editors, however, are asking for historicals—as long as they are sexy).

I like tortured heroes. I like sexual tension. I get massively bored by lengthy and numerous nipple-and-manhood scenes. I guess I'm a maverick there. The majority of Borders romance-buyers seem to want multiple pages of heaving and moaning and liquefying, which I prefer to do in private, thanks. Ah, well.

That entry also has tips on marketing.


Eve said...

I have to agree with you, Mir. Some scenes are better lived than read :)

Sexual history. *shudder* That reminds me of a history teacher we had who thought it important to mention the sexual history of all the past rulers and historical figures (pun not intended). GROSS!

Don't ever try to research that of Catherine the Great!! That woman was sick...and perhaps the teacher as well...

Mirtika said...

She didn't really do it with a horse. Come on! :)

I don't mind reading about sexual history, as long as I don't get 7 pages of blow-by-blow. Just say, "The king liked to carouse with underaged whores, but only if they had red hair and small breasts. And he had no objections to the occasional fetching doe while on a hunt."

See, that's quite enough detail.


Eve said...

She did die of a disease only horses get...

Elliot said...

Heaving and moaning and liquefying!! LMAO!!

That would make a great personals ad. "Must be into heaving, moaning, and liquefying."