Friday, May 25, 2007

Ted Dekker Likes to Get Naked! (So do I)

On May 23, Ted Dekker, Christian fiction author of numerous CBA hot-sellers dealing with dark and dreadful and, yes, speculative things, wrote and posted "Why I Write Naked" at his official site:

It occurs to me that I tend to write Naked Novels. Meaning my characters are deeply flawed, struggling with real evil, living in worlds in which the darkness is dark and the light is anything but gray.

Why? Because it’s the naked truth.

Yet, while one reader sees as an authentic story which characterizes good and evil in ways that are consistent with their true natures, another sees that dreaded word which all but the younger generation fears:


We are terrified of getting Naked in the Church. Why, I’m not sure. To avoid offense, I suppose. But it strikes me that the gospel is Naked. Controversial. Offensive to all who don’t understand it. Persecuted. Thrown out and tromped on.

This very gospel that can save the world is often hidden behind the protective walls of our establishment for fear of offense.

Word to the wise: Those who refuse to be real for this very real generation that demands the respect of nothing less will go the way of the spin doctors.

Down the Drain.

Me, I want to see more controversial and daring fic in the CBA. Fiction that says, "Deal with this. Don't look away. Stop escaping into the safe and sweet and unruffled."

How about you? Can you write naked? Would you dare?

Note: You can catch a CBN interview with T.D. over at YouTube.


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