Monday, May 28, 2007

Some Great Stuff at Novel Journey

First, make sure you read the Monday blog entry by Mike "Decompose(r)" Duran entitled "Bambi vs. Godzlla." (Some of you may recognize the reference to THIS animated short.)The entry mentions yours truly and Speculative Faith.

When you're done reading--and I hope adding a comment--to that post, scroll down to an earlier entry of interest to writers, onethat refers to the Project Publish. Hey, for those of you who have a completed novel manuscript and can have a proposal ready to enter by the August 10th deadline, this may be a good contest for you. The judging is done in a novel fashion:

Book Proposals will be judged by members of the public who register to become traders in the Media Predict prediction market game. Scores shall be determined by calculating the Book Proposal’s average price in the prediction market game over the course of the trading period. Simon & Schuster will select 5 of the 50 top scoring Book Proposals as finalists in the Contest. In both selecting 5 finalists from the top 50 scorers, and in selecting a grand prize winner from the 5 finalists, Simon & Schuster editors will apply the following criteria when evaluating Book Proposals: non-fiction books will be judged on the basis of writing style, coherence of material presented, and originality, with equal weight given to each, and fiction books will be judged on writing style, originality, plot, characters, setting, and dialog, with equal weight given to each.

What does the winner get:

The grand prize winner will be awarded a book contract by Simon & Schuster (Approximate minimum value $2,000).

What if all the book proposals stink?

(d) In the event that Simon & Schuster determines that none of the 50 finalists are of publishable quality, Sponsor will award to the finalists with the highest scores, (based on the scores assigned by Simon & Schuster) a cash award of $2000 if such work is not otherwise placed for publication by Sponsor within 60 days of Simon & Schuster’s decision not to publish.

Note: If you win, make sure to get your agent to delete that contract bit that I posted about earlier this month and that's been buzzing on writing blogs all around us.


Mike Duran said...

Hey, thanks for linking my article, Mir, and the film clip. By the way, about halfway down the sidebar of my blog I added a Mirathon banner. Check it out.

Mirtika said...

Ooh, my banner is so cute. THANKS.

BTW, did your format get displaced? The sidebar starts WAY WAY WAY WAY down. I've had that happen here when I insert a video from YouTube or a pic that's too wide. And only cutting down the width brings the sidebar back to normal. Don't know if you meant it that way or it was just an oopsie?