Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Prayer Requests Post

Well, if you're a praying warrior sort, I could use some for these:

~ UK Steve's child will be in traction, need an operation, and spend some time with casting for a dislocated joint. I know he'd appreciate prayers.

~~ A friend of mine for whom I asked prayer a couple months ago is recovering, slowly, from his stroke. Please pray that Luis heals up fast so he can work again. His pay benefits end in a week or two.

~~ I'm still feeling unwell. Healing prayers coveted.

~~ We're in the midst of a drought down here in the SoutheEast. Some good, non-torrential, but satisfying rains, yeah, that would be nice.

Anything you need prayer for? Comment.


Martin LaBar said...

Lord, none of these things are a surprise to you. Please do your best for all of these people, especially Mir. You can heal, you can help people cope with the side effects of sickness, you can end drought. In Jesus name I pray this. Thank you.

Mirtika said...

THANKS, Brother Martin!

Mir :)

Matt Mikalatos said...

Prayed for you and your buddies tonight, Mir. Be well.