Friday, May 11, 2007

Pray for UKSteve's Little Girl

Here is UKSteve's latest update on "Her Babyship":

Her Babyship (or 'Naomi' to her friends) has always had bad skin: eczema, dermatitis from hospital sheets....Now it seems that the skin where they taped her legs up has become badly damaged, and if by Monday it isn't up to spending 3 months under plaster, they won't be able to operate.So, if you need to excercise those prayer muscles, we could still do with a few.

Previously in the Babyship saga, she had dislocated her hip and required traction for a week, then surgery. The surgery is needed, but this complicates the situation. See Steve's comments HERE or just read the comments on his last blog post.

Get cracking on the intercession, Saints.

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