Monday, May 14, 2007

Old Navy Kicks Fat Folks Out of Store

Guess who's not buying another Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic, etc, item again? Yep. Me.

Let me put this delicately: Screw you, Old Navy!

Here's why from Half of Me blog:

Old Navy will soon stop stocking its plus-size line in stores, relegating those sizes to online ordering only. An article in the The San Jose Mercury News confirms it in a blurb halfway down the page, saying "final shipments of apparel in sizes 22, 24 and 26 will be sent out during the next few weeks." (The article was written on April 28, 2007.) It also says Old Navy will "continue to carry women's sizes 16 to 20 as part of their regular collection."

Okay, so it's only the "fatter" folks who are getting the boot. The "just fat" get to shop there.

I suggest, in solidarity to the bigger folks among us, we tell Old Navy to stock comprehensively. If they can stock for the thinnest, they can stock for the fattest.

Like I said: Screw you, Old Navy!

A bit more from the Pasta Queen:

Gap spokeswoman Robin Carr gave this rationale for the decision: "We really wanted to showcase the Plus collection and felt the best place to do that effectively was online…online is everywhere." Which is probably the lamest excuse I've heard since that time I told myself Raspberry vodka was good for me because it contained fruit. If we follow Carr's reasoning, why should Old Navy bother having stores at all? If online is everywhere and it provides the best showcase for your clothing, you could significantly reduce overheard by shutting down all your brick and mortar stores. Old Navy also faces significant competition online from retailers who specifically target overweight women, treat them with respect, and have a good understanding of how to fit and flatter a fatter figure. If I'm shopping online, I'd rather give my money to one of those retailers.

She said it. Big, FATTEST ditto.



Anonymous said...

Old Navy's stuff's crap anyway. You should shop at Value Village, or whatever used clothing stores you have down there. You'll save a fortune and get better clothes... and support some charity likely.

Eve said...

And how exactly does one try on the clothes online??

Once Upon A Dieter said...

Maybe they don't want you to. I've heard from a couple of big ladies that they don't do proper BBW fitting, and the clothes fit like crap.

So, that may explain a few things.


Eve said... does.