Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My Tooth, ACFW Genesis, & Squee!

Well, I cracked a tooth. Went to the dentist yesterday with a painful molar. My asthma had been acting up cause of the smoky air down here in Florida, so I, unfortunately, was in no shape for what he planned to do--remove the large filling and see how far down the crack went and if the tooth was salvageable.

So, Friday I have an appointment. If my breathing is normalized, he'll go excavating.

Please pray the tooth just needs some bonding and refilling. I really, really don't want a crown or, worse, a bridge if the tooth must go.

We just spent $3200 on hubby's car repair, and a couple thousand on hubby's tooth surgery (the crown expense is yet to come, and now this. Say bye-bye to savings!

In other Mir news, explaining my low-blogging output: I just finished sending off the last of my judged Genesis entries to the genre coordinator. Yippee! That tired my brain.

After a few days' rest, I'll tackle the DKA fiction contest entries.

On the reading front--not that I've done much given I've been judging 25 pages of fiction times five entries times 20 criteria each, plus text comments--I read the first bound volume of SQUEE! by Jhonen Vasquez. The guy is certifiable. Heh. But he made me laugh, in that dark and disturbed and confused sort of way you do when you come across something dark and disturbing and gross, but funny!

Me like to laugh.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mir,

Didn't you just buy that car, brand new? Isn't it still under warranty, or insured? What was it again? I want to be sure I don't buy one.

And tooth excavating? Get a new dentist, one with an X-ray machine.

And finally, never take advice from me. This is the most important thing.

Seriously though, take care. Or, as the Irish (?) say, "I'm sorry for your troubles."


Mirtika said...

The car is new. He had an accident in the rain. He chose not to go through insurance in order to not have the rate go up. But I don't think he thought it would be that much. :P

He took x-rays. Nothing showed. He poked. Suspects hairline fracture. He needs to get the filling out to get a good look.

I'm sure you must hit upon good advice, oh, at least once a decade. :D