Wednesday, May 02, 2007

My Gerry Blog Got the Nielsen Treatment

Hey, wanna see what I won in Eve Nielsen's Quest Writer contest?

Okay, go over to my Gerard Butler appreciation blog and see: Butlerian Crushgirl

I'm all renovated! Like it? I do!

I thought the tree motif with the greens and gold was perfect, given that we--we being the Gerry Butler dot Com gals--had donated last year to give Gerry a special birthday gift: several thousand to plant trees in Scotland in Gerry's name as part of a reforestation of the Highlands project. We raised enough that a grove got named after him. Cool.

Gerry's family lives in the Highlands, and Gerry has those faboo green eyes,, I'll stop before I'm in a full-fledged Gerry-gush.

Thanks, Eve!

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