Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Love isn't Love Without These

Visit Open-minded Carmen and read her terrific post "Food for thought: Love as Justice, Truth and Grace." She encapsulates some of what's found in a book called 3 Colors of Love by Christian A. Schwarz:

Schwarz is making a case that love is fully love only when all three dimensions of justice, truth and grace are in place. They each must exist in relationship with the other for the fullness of love to exist. It is easy to focus on one or two of these components, and forget about the others. When that takes place the light and love of Jesus becomes darkened.

I very much agree with the points. Our culture often demands the love without the truth--just watch any talk show to see this phenomenon. Doubtless, this has to do with the relativism of the times. But in churches, where truth should go hand-in-hand with love at all times, it's more important than ever to remember this. You don't give up truth in order to offer love. They go together. With justice and grace.

Thanks, Carmen.

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