Wednesday, May 02, 2007

American Idol, May 1: Lakisha's Back
on Rocker Night & Melinda's Not Matronly

I dropped into an apparent coma around 6:30 pm yesterday, and didn't wake up until about 5 am, so I missed AI. Ah, well. I'm not a fan of Bon Jovi. Really, I can't think of any of their videos or songs that I didn't hurry to switch away from.

But, thanks to YouTube, I can catch up.

Wanna watch Lakisha bring down the house--and get smooched by Simon--for "Ain't a Love Song"? Well, go here. Woohoo, my girl is back! Me loves Kiki.

Jordin was, sadly, disappointing. She's just adorable--cute as can be and the best smile ever on Idol--but "Living on a Prayer" did her in. She couldn't do those low notes and I never felt convinced by her performance. Can we say "pitchy"? Her worst performance yet. Ew. I do like the crazy-wild hair. Also, did they purposely find the two shortest guitarists they could get? It looked as if either someone stretched up Jordin or shrank down the g-men. Weird.

Blake has done a makeover (totally changed hair), and he's back to the sound effects school of singing on "You Give Love A Bad Name". You know, I didn't think it was bad at all. At last he made the song his own, a Blake-i-fied Bon Jovi. And I even like the new hair. (But I so hated the old hair, I'd probably like a bald look compared to the slicked-up baby chick thing he had.) Makes him look much cuter. Could have used a bit more actual singing, but hey, worked for me, even with that sort of slightly annoying breathlessness.

Phil Stacey's "Blaze of Glory": The first lines felt a bit over-emoted, but then Phil got better. He still doesn't connect with me. ::shrug::: Glad he ditched the hat this week. Still needs a good stylist to take him in hand and make the most of his particular look. He always seems "not quite there", sartorially. Granted, this week is better than many others. And Paula Abdul is on some really good stuff if she thought that was the best opening of the season. What? Chick's high.

Chris Richardson did "Wanted Dead or Alive." Well, he wasn't as irksomely nasal as he's been in the past--did he find his diaphragm?--but there's a quality in Chris' voice that I just don't much like. A sort of weak gruffness or hoarseness that makes him occasionally drop a note or fail to complete it. that is not appealing to me. The last notes of the song Ew. So, I wouldn't mind seeing him head out tonight.

Miz Melinda closed the show with "Have a Nice Day". You can tell this wasn't her musical genre, but man, she worked it. She had attitude, ferocity, passion, a bit of growliness in her voice. And she ditched the matronly wear for more youthful clothing which suits her and her sleek hair. I noticed two parts where she was just a skosh off tempo, but, who cares. She was what she is--a terrific performer and vocalist.

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