Thursday, May 10, 2007

Lakisha Leaves and Jordin's McPhee Grin Irks

Well, Kiki got booted. I liked Kiki. She had an amiable manner and she represented for the fat gals. I hope she gets offered a contract. The woman is talented and likable.

Jordin has perfected the fakey McPhee smile--big smile, teeth slightly parted, flashed to the camera. It looks really plastic, but, considering it's on a face of great beauty (and McPhee was superlovely as well), it's bound to keep her at the top, maybe even let her beat the talented Doolittle. Beauty and a great smile count for a lot in the music industry.

Jordin's lucky to have that face and those teeth. She had a dreadful performance last week--horrible!--and she had one awful one last night. Those looks save her. That and the fact that when she's on, when she gets it right, it's very enjoyable. She can sing! But she's inconsistent.

But hey, she perfected the fake McPhee "Look at me, I'm so into you, and aren't I just adorable" half-open smile.

I still hope Melinda wins--I love her!--but I'm gonna miss Kiki and that Jordin smile is gonna keep annoying me. Although Jordin would make it as a diva. She's got pipes and she's beautiful and with the right managers and songwriters and stylists, she'll devastate. Plus, she's real young, so she has time to mature into a killer singer. I just wish those stupid gee-whiz, girly, camera-sucking-up-to smiles didn't trump genuine personality and grit.

Oh, yeah, Blake. He's okay. Like the brown hair, liked his "You Should Be Dancing", but didn't like his second song. And he needs to know how much beat-boxing to add. Just enough works. A bit too much grates. And he tends to go into the "bit too much" territory.

And what is it with the plugging Fantastic Four? I just wanna know who is out and who is in!

Also, Pink--who looked faboo in ther b&w skin-tight outfit, bored me to death with that song. Unusual, cause I like Pink. Yawn. (But hey, girl's toning routine WORKS.)

Barry Gibb--saw him and his brothers live in '79--is still very likable. But his voice is sorta going. Shame. I always enjoyed the Bee Gees, even when they sang sappy stuff like "Melody Fair" and "Run to Me." And how fun was it to dance to their disco stuff? Loads! Brother Maurice had a paintball thing not too far from where I live, and I sat across from him once at this diner he used to frequent (and I used to drop by about once a month), but he, sadly, died too early. I felt quite sad when he passed on. And I remember wearing a cast-off terry bath robe that used to be Andy Gibbs' (rescued from a trashcan by my best pal's Andy-obsessed sis). He used to live south of here, in a rather modest house. He's gone, too, and way too early. Drugs suck. However, the biggest ache to my fannish heart comes from Robin. Man, that boy let me down, what with all his weird porno and occultic crap. Ah, well. Pray for Robin.

Oh, I got sidetracked.

Go, Melinda!



John said...

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SolShine7 said...

Jordin is so cute, I think she has a great smile. She makes me want to smile, and I smile a lot already. I didn't watch last season so I can't compare hers to McPhee's.

Melinda has been one of my favorites since I saw her first audition, she was so shy and awkward it was cute. And man, oh man, can she sing!

I'll be happy as long as Blake doesn't win.