Saturday, May 05, 2007

In Case You Didn't Know: Portion Sizes

I remember the first time a friend and I read what a portion of pasta was. You probably heard the howl in your town.

I remember, too, one visit to the nutritionist--the Mir has had a lifelong battle with adiposity, which began when I got a couple years of steroids right before puberty, which was not a happy time, I can tell you--and the Haitian fella in the room I was passing on the way to the other client office. He had this incredulous tone when he said, "That's what you call a serving of rice? That's ridiculous. THIS is a serving of rice!" As he said the last, he made a shape with his hands depicting a sort of bowl, a generous bowl. I'm guessing half a cup of rice as a serving was not in his paradigm. (The guy was slender, so I assumed it was a blood sugar thing he was consulting about, ergo the concern for carbs, mebbe.)

Well, his portion of rice was what I used to consider a portion of pasta. This big old bowl that held maybe 2 to 3 cups worth. And my idea of juice for breakfast was like 12 ounces, not the half cup they call a serving. And, being Cuban, my idea of a serving of black beans was closer to two cups. (Mmmm, black beans.)

You can see where the Big Mama Mir's bigness came from, yes?

Suffice it to say, it's not easy being portioned control. The span of my butt is exhibit A.

If you've never actually read or looked or measured what are considered standard portions, prepare to be astonished and enlightened (or not):

A Mayo Clinic Slide Show of Portions

Was that a snicker I heard?

Ah, can you tell I"m starting an "eating plan" again? Sigh.



canary said...

Very interesting blog.

Shannon said...

I hear ya on portion sizes ... I discovered all that when dealing w/ gestational diabetes during my second pregnancy ... but knowing that has helped. Applying it has helped even more. :-)

My prayers are with you on this! I've been (mostly) on the Hallelujah Diet for just over a month now ... it's so very hard to change habits ...

Mirtika said...

Very hard. ANd mentally exhausting planning, weighing, measuring, thinking, planning, journaling, etc... :)

Thanks. I really need to get my bod in order.


Shannon said...

Doesn't it just STINK to feel like your life revolves around food??? I hated that when pg and trying to watch my diet, especially ...

I lost 10 lbs. in a month; 2nd oldest ds lost 20. We just can't do the HD anymore but are planning on continuing to eat healthy ...