Thursday, May 31, 2007

I'm Dezombified and Ain't Love Grand?

Yesterday, my brain was useless. (Good thing I had written that film review and left it in "draft" form, so I had something to post.)

I got 3 hours sleep before I awoke Wednesday (yesterday) to go to the dentist for attempt #2 to get me numbed and work on the cracked too. After an hour and multiple shots, again, nothing. So, he consulted with a specialist, who suggested a couple new approaches. That did it. I got 99% numb, and I said, "Go for it. The pain is low enough to tolerate."

So, another spell of removing the old filling, inspecting, bonding the crack, refilling, temporary crown. He handed me a prescription strength Motrin, and off I went. Did 3 errands and went home where, with stomach grumbling, I had carrot juice and protein powder and crashed on the couch. Woke up to eat supper with hubby, read a bit in still zombie form, watched tv in zombie form, crashed again until 30 minutes ago. Woke up feeling sorta normal.

I've noticed that in my middle age (and 47 is creeping on the slide to senior citizen), that if I skip a full set of sleep hours one day, I'm pretty useless the next. I just don't function. And then I have to sleep in overtime. I miss youth's ability to rebound and take a lot of physical stress.

On the plus side, I woke up to two lovely little purple flowers on the kitchen counter. Hubby had snipped them from our garden and put them in water where I'd see them when I woke up. You know, after almost 24 years of marriage (June 11th is our anniversary), that little gesture means more than a dozen store-bought roses. I know how very busy he is this week and how rushed in the mornings. (Big, big, big presentation tomorrow to the head honcho, the CEO, of a multinational-corporation he works for, and he was only told Tuesday that this had been set-up!) So, that he took the extra minutes to go outside, get the flowers, get the glass, fill with water, and leave them for me, well, it means a lot.

I find it very romantic and thoughtful. What a cutiepie.

Anyway, time to catch up on emails and what-not that I had to let sit.

Did anything happen "out there" while I was glassy-eyed?

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Josh said...

Note to self. Clip flowers for new wife.

Extra note to self. Don't forget to plant garden from where I might clip flowers from.