Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Sally A. Apokedak
Valerie Comer
Rebecca Grabill
Shannon McNear
Chris Mikesell
It's lovely to see a fella in the crowd, particularly one we've had published over at DKA. And double congrats to SALLY A, who is a finalist in the Y/A as well!!
BEST OF LUCK in the next round, and may contracts be forthcoming!!!


Chris said...

Thanks, Mir. Really was a thrill to get word of this this morning.

Don't recognize Rebecca or Shannon by name (fine folks, I'm sure), but I'm doubly honored to be listed with Sally and Val, who I do know from online.

Congrats to the other SF/F finalists and those in the other categories, as well.

Mirtika said...

You know I just love your work, so, really, I expect you to be published in the not-so-far future in novel length. You've got your own special voice, and that's not something all of us can say. Sheesh, I'm still working on getting mine. :)

Plus, you make me laugh. I like this.


pixy said...

Mir! Where did you get this intel!

Congrats everybody! So cool! What a boost for these guys. There was a lot of competition.

Mirtika said...

Pixy, at the ACFW loop. Camy announced it there.


Valerie Comer said...

Thanks so much for the congrats, Mir! I'm still on cloud-number-I-can't-count-that-high. And thought it was cool that I recognized all the names! (Way to go, Chris!)

pixy said...

Oh, I'm out of the loop. He-he. I went to Camy's blog when I left here. Then I got the email. :)