Thursday, May 17, 2007

Gerard Butler in SF FILM & Bear Update

Mir's fave cinematic hottie has been cast in an SF flick. IGN Movies says this:

Gerard Butler will star in the thriller Game for Lakeshore Entertainment and Crank creators Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor. Neveldine and Taylor will script and direct Game, which begins filming in January.
Er, CRANK was misogynistic and dumb. But, hey, it had Jason Statham, who I like watching ever since I caught him in THE TRANSPORTER, then saw him in THE ITALIAN JOB, and that SMOKING BARRELS flick. I like him. He has masculine appeal. But CRANK actually sorta offended me. Non-stop action, though. It's insulting, but it doesn't slow down enough to really bore. And, I suppose, that was the intent of its creators.

I hope GAME has a bit more mind behind the action. At least it has Butler, who rings my bells.

First Showing reports:

Game is a high-concept thriller that takes place in the near future, when mind-control technology has taken society by storm. In this dystopian world, the ultimate online simulation environment is the game “Slayers", where Butler plays Kable, the number 1 highest ranked warrior. With his every move tracked by millions, Kable's ultimate challenge is to regain his identity and bring down the system that has imprisoned him.


Bear Update:

Remember that charity auction where Gerard Butler signed--and slobbered on--a wee teddy bear? Sure you do.

Well, it may have started at five bucks, but the final bid was... $1225.00

Scottish hunk DNA is valuable, huh? I hope someone isn't cloning him from saliva remnants. Then again...a few more Gerry Butlers can be a very good thing. Send one to Miami!


M. C. Pearson said...

Hey Mir! Just wanted to stop by all the FIRST members' blogs. I know you are taking a break. I just got DSL and can finally visit everyone...didn't want to leave you out.

Your blog background is just sooo cool.

Becky said...

Mir, sorry to use this method, but your mail is bouncing again. New CSFF note--it's posted at the site.


Crabby McSlacker said...

Hi Mir!

Sorry I'm such a spazz it took me a couple tries to get to the right blog.

Do you do "meme" thingies? I got tagged for a couple and should do something about that at some point. I hate to launch them on the unsuspecting. Neither of them look too onerous. Let me know if you hate them (either here or at my blog) otherwise you might get tagged.