Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A Fair(y) Use Tale: Funny and Educational

So, Chris pilfers from Brenda. And I pilfer from Chris. Sounds, ahem, fair.

What did I pilfer?

THIS LINK for "A Fair(y) Use Tale."

It's delightful. Disney will have at least one cow. But it's also educational.

I think, unlike Chris, that 14 years is too few given our lifetimes. And, I bet that if he ever wrote the next blockbuster series of novels to compete with Rowling, his descendants would like the pieces of that pie to continue to pay off. So, I get the long copyright life. I am torn on this issue. I do think that for educational and critical uses, for homages and parodies, it should be fair game. It's really hard to critique poetry and not quote it. Come on!

Although, I did just go and edit my CSFF Blog Tour post to delete two stanzas I'd quoted. Really, I'm still so confused. Even after watching that cool little video.


Chris said...

Hey, Mir.

I'd take the 14-year extension for a total of 28. But my boy needs to find his own career.

Books and music from 1979 really have had long enough to earn for their creators (more realistically, their publishers). And yeah, there should be broad "fair use" allowances for books under copyright.

Mirtika said...

Yeah, but if your work languishes, and then experiences a revival on the 27 and 3/4th year of its publication, your kids will be really steamed at you. HEH.


Chris said...

Even so, that's 3 months of action. (Plus, it'll spur action on my other work.) How many books stay up at the front of Barnes & Noble for a full quarter? How many start and end buried in for three months (if that) in the stacks, or get shipped back to the publisher to make a tour of remaindered tables in another 3-6 months? I'd be in good (or at least a lot of) company, I think.

And then the public benefits, so everybody's happy.

Except maybe the kid. And he's gonna be mad at me for something, regardless, so might as well do the right thing anyway.