Monday, May 07, 2007

Drop by DKA and read "Dust"

We have a new story up, and it's one that resonated with me for several reasons. It's one I hope you enjoy:

"Dust" by David Misialowski

He had arrived in late spring, the start of heat. The heat made men hallucinate, and even he had seen visions and heard voices. The names of the villages bore the color and clangor of bronze, and when he heard them for the first time, he shut his eyes and saw prophets on mountains and hermits in caves. The desert was named Dust.

As dust filled his shoes, death did his days. Over time, he acquired an inventory of vivid mental snapshots: A withered woman whose arm dangled over the side of a bed, IV drip still uselessly inserted into it. A dying man’s final eruption of bloody vomit. A pocked peasant harrowed by sores that looked like an infestation of eyes.

An assistant, a native, told the doctor of a friend who had been born blind. “Still, he sees.”

“Sees what?”

“Golden thrones. Elders in white robes. A rainbow like an emerald. He says he looks forward to seeing this world, to find out how it compares with his.”

“What makes him think he’ll ever see this world?”

“He is convinced that someone will grant him sight. I told him about you, doctor, and he wants to meet you.”


“He thinks you will grant him sight.”

“I don’t want to meet him.”

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Becca Johnson said...

Hello! I'm part of the CSFF Blog Tour. "Dust" sounds really interesting. I'll have to read it sometime soon.
I tagged you on my site for "8 Random Facts." Have fun!

Becca Johnson