Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Dee Asks: "What Would Jesus Read?"

I posted my comments: "Anything with beauty, power, honesty, hope, and truth" and "You. Me. And everyone else. We're the stories he's reading."

You know what that means? Jesus is reading stuff that's pretty racy and dirty, full of curses, clogged with perversion and abuses, depressing with chronic illness and tortures, brimming with violence and hatred and vengefulness. And he's reading merciful acts, kind words, unselfish reactions, blessings, miraculous forgiveness, generous impulses, loving embraces, patience, pure love, and all sorts of good stuff along with the bad stuff.

That's how books should be, too. Like us. Dark and light. Good and bad. Nasty and noble. Selfish and generous. The hateful supping with the compassionate. The blasphemer residing next to the worshipper. The damaged living with the whole. The mundane and the sacred chatting.

Why not drop by and let her know what you think?

What would Jesus read?


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