Monday, May 21, 2007

Christian Science Fiction & Fantasy Blog Tour: THE SWORD REVEW MAGAZINE

Wow. We've are starting our second year of blog tours. Imagine, from a handful of CSF enthusiasts in the American Christian Fiction Writers' Forum, we've grown into a larger, broader, wider group of speculative faith lovers with a heart for Jesus. Cool.

Our focus this tour is near and dear to the Mir: THE SWORD REVIEW.

Anyone who reads this blog with some sort of regularity knows that this online publication of SF became a great place of encouragement for me and my writing. I've won both of their annual fiction contests and their first poetry contest. (shiny smile) So, clearly, they cheer my heart and soul. The publisher/business manager/Big Boss, Bill Snodgrass, has also given me the opportunity to satisfy my editorial urges at sister magazine, DRAGONS, KNIGHTS & ANGELS. (While I've had my choice of which magazine to edit, DKA has called to me.)

So, yeah, I'm part of the team. I have and do and will support DEP/TSR/DKA with my time and money and skills and prayers.

I believe in the vision I first saw clearly embraced at THE SWORD REVIEW.

If you want to read my work over there, just visit my sidebar and click the links.

If you want to hang with other CSF enthusiasts, register (it's easy!) and visit the forum. Several of the staff and regulars have blogs, too.

If you're new to THE SWORD REVIEW, be prepared for a bounty. The magazine offers speculative poetry, fiction, essays/columns, interviews, and fellowship. I hope you will find new favorite writers and poets there, and that you will support the magazine. THE SWORD REVIEW exists because some folks are kind enough to donate to the work being done. The editors, business manager--the visionaries--donate their work and time and MOOLAH.

I know we've had to cut back on what we offer at DKA (and so has THE SWORD REVIEW), because the budget simply demanded it. Moolah matters. Never doubt it.

If you want to know how you can support Christian speculative fiction TODAY, well, support THE SWORD REVIEW and other DEP Publications. Go read. Go post. Go donate.

CSF's future is gonna include some writers already being published by THE SWORD REVIEW. Don't doubt it. Support them NOW.

Tomorrow: A tour of the poetical offerings.

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If you have a blog and you want to support Christian Speculative Fiction authors, books, magazines, and websites, then join the CSFF BLOG TOUR!


Becky said...

Nice insider's overview, Mir. Great post. Why am I not surprised you'll be looking at the poetry tomorrow? ;-)


pixy said...

I second that! Help SR and all the DEP mags as much as you can. It's tax deductable and just ten bucks a month can help a LOT.