Friday, May 04, 2007

"Christian Novelists on the Rise"

In the May issue of Aspiring Retail, you can read a couple of the entries that should be of interest to Christian fictionados.

"Christian Novelists on the Rise" features photo and prose snapshots of various authors in Christian fiction, from Chick Lit-ers to SF-ers. The futuristic/fantasy/supernatural category includes Robin Parrish, George Polivka, Tosca Lee, and Steven Cleaver, whose Saving Erasmus sounds really cool, and I need to go get more info on it.

You'll recognize some familiar names from ACFW, such as our Camylicious Mrs. Tang and Marilynn "M-Nog" Griffith.

The hop over to the interview with Carol Johnson, Editorial VP for Bethany House Publishers: "Passionate about Christian Fiction"

The links are to the left in the sidebar of the main page (see link above). You'll need to have cookies enabled. I had trouble opening and keeping the site open, but had it available long enough to read it. I have no tech skills, so, I hope it opens and reads fine for you. If not, sorry. It sometimes says "restricted site" and sometimes not. Have no idea what that's about.

hat tip to Chris Well


Jason said...

Thanks Mir. I got to read about some of them before that site got cranky.

BTW, Becky hit me with a meme, and I've tagged you. :D

Erasmus said...

thanks for noticing my book. I hope that you find it to be really cool. my website is


Steve Cleaver

Tosca said...

Thanks so much for the mention! I hope you enjoy Demon: A Memoir.