Friday, May 04, 2007

Can Someone Translate This For Me?

USPS Statment about New Prices

I have a degree in English. I got a score of 760 out of 800 on the English section of my SAT exam. And I read that statement from the USPS and went, "Huh? I just wanna know how much a fricken first class stamp is gonna be." I didn't give a hoot about "shapes"--unless it's how I can reduce mine. What? Is a triangular piece of mail verboten now or something? Octagonal costs twice as much? ::joshing, but only a bit:::

Come on. Was that really the best announcement they could come up with? Geesh.

Well, it took a google search to get the info: 41 cents. There ya go. You'll need to get your make-up stamps or new first class one before May 14.

Maybe next time the USPS peeps can get someone who talks like the rest of us to write their statement. Cause, really, I think they got a politician to write that one, which seems to say absolutely nothing useful for several paragraphs, and when it does say something concrete, it's really sort of a letdown. And you still dont' know the most basic bits of info when you get there.



Tap said...

What you need to do is scroll down to where it says "Domestic Rates and Fees", click on PDF or HTML (I picked HTML), and click on "First-Class Mail" under "RETAIL RATES." Ta-da!

Congratulations on your SAT score, by the way. Let me just say in hindsight that I don't think mine means much four years later, but perhaps you've found differently :)

Mirtika said...

Yeah, that's what I eventually did. I just figured that they could very simply list the most commonly used "rates", ie, first class mail, priority mail, right up front. No, they have a blabbering, useless bunch of paragraphs, THEN, they give a bunch of links. How hard is it to have on the very first page of the USPS site: May 14th, everything goes up, then show the most common ones.

Ah, I'm cranky. :)

Well, my SAT was in the '70's, and it got me a full scholarship to college. So, yeah, it meant something.