Friday, May 25, 2007

Blast from the Past: Tom Snyder
and Star Trek Cast and Harlan Ellison

You may not be old enough to have dug Tom Snyder on THE TOMORROW SHOW way back when. But, man, he was fun. A terrific interviewer. That laugh of his was great.

I stumbled upon this bit of nostalgia-inducing video that is in FIVE parts. Here is part one. It's Tom interviewing some STAR TREK cast members, and more guests, including a younger and cuter Harlan Ellison. (Best I can guess from the clothes, hair, and discussion, it's 1976. Egads, I was 16!)

Know what's the strangest bit: Seeing a couple of them smoking, and the smoke curling up during the changes in camera angles. You don't really see that anymore on talk shows, huh?

I got this nice feeling seeing the classic ST actors, especially now that they've begun to pass on. Jimmy Doohan. DeForest Kelley. Sniff. (Adore Kelley's Southern accent!) Walter Koenig is also on the panel.

Enjoy this golden oldie of late night TV.


lisa galloway said...

I still have a crush on DeForest Kelley. I loved him even beore I loved Bobby Sherman. RIP, Bones.

Mirtika said...

LISA!!!! Muah, babe.