Monday, May 28, 2007

An Addendum to Project Publish

Two posts down, I gave you info on Media Predict's and Simon & Shuster's cooperative PROJECT PUBLISH experiment slash contest.

Be sure to read THIS ENTRY by the Writer Beware! bloggers for their insights into the rules and pitfalls. If you enter, at least you enter with some advice in your noggin.

I've already read three of the proposals over there. One of the books I'd buy TODAY. It looks really good (non-fiction). I hope they sell. Another, a children's fantasy, well, it reads cliched to me in the proposal, but I can see it has elements that fantasy lovers could latch onto. It just needs its 8-13 year-old audience to like it. It could easily grab its young audience and sell really well. Interesting to wonder what will happen.

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