Tuesday, May 01, 2007

7 Links for World Builders from Editor

Well, former Tor editor is the word, but since she still consults with them, I figure, hey, she's still a Tor editor. With a tattoo to prove it. :) (You had to be there at her livejournal blog.) Anna Genoese offers the handout she'll be using at a panel during the RWA conference:

World Building for Dummies (and the rest of us, too)



chrisd said...

Hey, Mir. I'm "green eyed" that you won Eve's contest. I'll have to see what you won.

Thanks for posting the links to world building-it's great.

Hope you are doing well

Mirtika said...

Hiya, Chris. Yeah, I love the new look of my Gerry blog. I think sometimes later this year I'm gonna renovate Mirathon. I want a more fantasy feel, and maybe a lighter color palette. I dunno. I get tired of seeing the same old same old. :)

Hope the links help ya loads. Muah.

And I'm doing so-so. Of course, my specialist doesn't have an open apt until August. Geesh.