Wednesday, April 11, 2007

What Don Imus Needs To Do

“What I did was make a stupid, idiotic mistake in a comedy context."
~~Don Imus

I'm bossy and impertinent, so I'll tell Don what to do: Stand before those young ladies, admit you're a dodohead, apologize, and then hand each of them a big, fat check. Maybe 100K bucks each for continuing their studies or starting a business or buying a house or anything their athletically fit hearts desire.

Then he should promise to give the Rutger's gal's team funding for the rest of his natural life. (Which, by the dessicated look of him, may not be all that long).

You done bad, Donny Boy.

I don't mind lowbrow humor. I don't mind having a comedian poke at human foibles with less than tact. But there is a line, there is, though Howard Stern et al fail to notice it. Don crossed it.

I don't have many pics of me from Cuba. One creased pic of me at a few months old, pouty and bare-chested, with my little gold earrings; a couple at my first birthday party with bonnet and fancy dress (one of which I posted here before--oh, here, I'll post it again); this other snapshot, faded with the passing decades, of me, topless, maybe a bit over a year old, sitting on some kind of fence, tropical vegetation behind me, mountains even farther behind me. And I'm quite dark from the strong sun of Cuba. And my short, uber-curly-fuzzy hair looks quite, as Don might put it, nappy.

My eldest sister also has hair that, when it follows its natural inclination, would be so defined or characterized.

The context of Imus' remarks implied that nappy hair makes a gal unattractive, as opposed to, I guess, smooth, straight, dare I say "white" hair? Hmm. Well, isn't that special?

I could make comments about the nature of Don's looks (which don't move me to flights of desire, I can tell you), but I won't.

I'll just say that he ought to apologize like mad when he meets up with those he offended, then do something tangible to atone (money, baby, cause cash soothes a multitude of hurts if the zeroes are big enough), and never act as if it was just a joke.

And, unlike some folks who like to hold a grudge until kingdom come and then some, I'll not hold it against him. People, ALL people, say and do dumb things that felt funny or clever or whatever at the time, then, on reflection, seemed incredibly unwise and hurtful and plain old stupid. We're in no position to cast stones forever.

So, do the right thing, Donny. Be a mensch. You've already said you're gonna meet with the team, and rightly so. Now, go the extra mile. Penance, Don--cold, hard penance.

And plenty of us who have that extra bit of melanin and tressy differences, will say, "All right. Now, go and slur against us no more. We real cool."

(Oops, I momentarily got dusted by the spirit of Gwendolyn Brooks.)

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SolShine7 said...

I just watched the video of his verbal offense and apology on YouTube. I caught a piece of the ladies of Rutgers and the coach expressing their hurt about his statements on some sports channel too. I felt sad for them because their trip to the championship game is now tainted by this drama.

Things would have been so much different if he just said something like, "I think the ladies on Tennessee are prettier than those on Rutgers" with none of that School Daze "Wannabes" and "nappy hair" stuff.

Hopefully, this foul works out for the good somehow.

Good post!