Monday, April 30, 2007


I started laughing I think by page two of Chris Well's TRIBULATION HOUSE . And the first encounter of baddies with God-fearing shopkeeper was quite amusing. Chris' writing is smoother than in his debut, the very enjoyable FORGIVING SOLOMON LONG. He's even improved since the terrific DELIVER US FROM EVELYN. Crime fiction with humor and spiritual content--Chris is owning his piece of real estate in that niche and building a huge house, too.

I've posted my review--a bit rambly, maybe, but I'm really mentally pooped today--over at Do go check it out.

If you've ever shaken your head in disgust or snorted in disbelief at the endtimes lunacy that ovetakes some folks who spend a lot of time trying to decode or decipher or infer or chart or whatever the date of the Rapture or of the parousia, then you'll love this novel. Chris skewers that sort of eschatalogical craziness and shows how very dangerous it can be in the mind of someone who is neither mature nor self-controlled. Add in his kooky crooks and trying-hard-to-do-right cops, including my fave Charlie the comics defender, and it's a fast and fun read that says some important things about Kingdom living.

Oh, and Chris, you just about killed me with that inside joke line on page 16:

(I still can't believe it's not Kingdom Come.)

Note to readers not in on it: Chris originally titled the novel KINGDOM COME, but it went through changes, obviously. For those of us who followed that process, well, we saw it mirrored in the opening pages. When you read those pages, knowing the background, you'll get it. Cute.)

Now, click on the book image below and get YOUR copy. Then you can start chortling, too.