Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Three Big Lies of Writing, Parts 1 & 2

Take a look at the following two sentences:

Hee dee ti tweedle twiet; eek ta da!

… and …

Froom toogh, blah toog rah goom….

Now, let me ask you: which one is the happy sentence, and which one is the gloomy one?

The above exercise is found in a discussion of one of the "big lies" which says writing is recorded thought.

If you want to get the answer to the question--though surely you know instinctively--visit Charis Connection and read the first part of "The Three Big Lies of Writing."

Then follow it up with part two. Here, he addresses the lie that says write what you know.

Tomorrow, part three. You'll have to go back yourself for that one.

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