Monday, April 09, 2007

St. Teresa of Avila's "Nada Te Turbe"

I'm currently hooked on Nydia Caro's musical interpretation of "Nada Te Turbe" (a poem attributed to St. Teresa of Avila, my confirmation saint from which I took my middle name. The lines were discovered in her breviary). It's a lovely chant song that uses only the first stanza of "Nada Te Turbe." It suffices.

If you want to hear it, head to's version and try it for free:

"Nada Te Turbe"

Nydia used to have a show on TV that my family watched when I was young and we lived in NY. She was quite lovely and had a very nice voice. I hadn't heard her in years. Then, I was looking online for some music by Teresa of Avila (I had seen a program of her life on Catholic programming when my mom was in the hospital, and today, I was reminded of having enjoyed one of the religious songs of her composition.) That's how I came upon "Nada Te Turbe."

Here are the Spanish lines, and my own translation of them for you:

Nada te turbe.
Nada te espante.
Todo se pasa.
Dios no se muda.
La paciencia
Todo lo alcanza.
Quien a Dios tiene
Nada le falta.
Sólo Dios basta.

May nothing disturb you.
May nothing frighten you.
Everything passes on.
God does not leave.
With patience
Everything is attained.
Whoever has God
Lacks nothing.
God alone is enough.

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