Monday, April 30, 2007

SF Gospel: Esther in a SF Story

Gabriel at SF GOSPEL has posted an interesting blog entry called Inspiration from Scripture in Richard A. Lovett's "The Sands of Titan" (Analog, June 2007)

"The Sands of Titan" is a fine example not only of how religion can be used in SF; it's an excellent reminder of the continued relevance of religion (and religious stories in particular) in our lives. Floyd's computer can tell him how fast or slow to walk to best conserve his air, or which rock on the horizon to point himself toward to find the capsule, but those things are not enough. It is not until she offers support to the needs of his soul as well as his body that he is able to muster the will to survive across Titan's landscape. The story of Esther is the direct reference made in this story, but in the end it's an illustration of Matthew 4:4: "Man does not live on bread (or compressed air and recycled water) alone."

I gotta get that issue!

I also recommend G's book, which I just ordered from The Gospel According to Science Fiction


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